A Rose By Any Other Name

March 16, 2011

Pink Rose By Sincerely Sarah Photography

Photo By Sincerely Sarah Photography

Roses are one of the most popular flowers. We send them for birthdays, we use them in weddings, and Valentines Day is practically built around them. They are without a doubt the highest selling flower. But are they becoming banal?

Roses are the epitome of a go-to gift, especially in romantic situations. It seems like the first thing we think of when needing to send a gift for a romantic occasion is roses.  This is probably why I am hearing more and more women complain about their significant others lack of creativity and thoughtfulness when giving flowers. “He just got me roses.” They say with a mixture of lukewarm appreciation and eye-rolling. When did roses become so boring? Personally, I blame Bret Michaels and Poison for  “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”- it definitely added to the cheesy factor. But it can’t be their fault entirely. Roses are developing a reputation of being boring and sappy and that’s a shame because they are truly beautiful and fragrant flowers with a long romantic history that goes back centuries.  So, let’s not give up on them, ok?

Think back to the first rose you ever got from someone you cared about. Remember what that felt like? Remember the sheer bliss of it? Let’s recapture those feelings. Maybe it’s as simple as reinterpreting what it means to give a rose. Instead of a traditional bouquet, give an actual rose bush to plant so that the beauty lasts for years and years. Or, if you aren’t into gardening, try giving a bouquet that features roses but isn’t made up entirely of them. Try giving a rose scented perfume or candle. If you are on a budget make your own roses out of colored paper (there are plenty of free origami lessons online). Or, if you want to keep on the traditional dozen roses route, make sure you include a heartfelt note- it will be the difference between “He just bought me roses. “ and “He bought me roses!”

And just for fun…..


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