Happy Daffodil Month!

March 17, 2011

March is the month of Daffodils, also known as a Jonquil or Narcissus. If you were born in the month of March, the Daffodil is your birth flower. Daffodils represent friendship and domestic happiness.

You might be wondering about the history of birth flowers. According to tradition, birth flowers date back to The Roman Empire where we find the first documentation of celebrating birthdays. People would brings gifts of jewels or flowers to celebrate the recipients birthday. The birth flower designation depended on whatever flowers where in bloom at the time.

During the Victorian Era, flowers began to take on hidden meanings due to the cultural restrictions in expressing emotion and deep feeling. Daffodils have an accepted meaning of friendship and happiness but in Victorian England, they had a hidden meaning of “You are an angel.”

Traditionally, Daffodils are given after a March birth or used in the wedding bouquet of brides born in March. Daffodils have also been used in many St. Patrick’s Day festivals and parades, as March is the month that holiday is celebrated.

Daffodils are some of the easiest flowers to grow in a garden. They should be planted in the Fall before a freeze, as the freeze is necessary for bulb development. They come in a wide range of colors and are very easy to maintain. Daffodils are most associated with spring as they are some of the first flowers to bloom.

Happy Daffodil Month!


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