What Do You Mean?

March 18, 2011


Flowers come in a variety of beautiful colors. We all have a favorite flower color, but have we ever considered what those colors mean? You wouldn’t want to send a flower that means “I’m sorry” to someone you hadn’t offended and you certainly wouldn’t want to send a flower that means “I love you” to your boss (unless you do love your boss). So, let’s delve into the dazzling world of color and discover what those colors really mean- at least in terms of flowers.

White-  In flowers, the color white represents purity, innocence, and reverence. Think gardenias, lilies, and white roses. White flowers are very elegant and are used frequently in both weddings and funerals. For weddings, white roses are the most popular, while for funerals Easter lilies are the norm (Be careful with the stems of Easter lilies as they will stain your hands and clothing). White is a very flexible color that can serve many purposes and is appropriate at most occasions. In a room full of color, a white arrangement draws the most attention and can become very romantic flower arrangements when paired with candles.

Red- Red flowers are used as symbols of passion, love, energy, and desire. Red roses, tulips, and gerbera daisies are some of the most popular red flowers and are used for romantic occasions, celebrations, and are a great color to show support for anyone who is going through a tough time. Red is lively and strong and is the predominant color at Hindu weddings as it represents good luck. Red roses are popular at weddings and are especially popular for Valentine’s Day. Any red flower can add energy and vibrance to a room but when used in excess can be a little overwhelming.

Blue- Blue flowers represent calm, peace, and serenity. Blue flowers are also unusual and add an air of mystery and uniqueness to a bouquet. Hydrangeas, iris, and blue roses (which are usually dyed although some people maintain they can be grown naturally) are all popular blue flowers. Hydrangeas are often used in centerpieces as they are very full blooms. Irises are unique flowers to give as a gift and are usually received with great surprise and delight. Bluebonnets are one of the most stunning blue wildflowers and grow predominantly in Texas (they are the State flower). They represent vitality and calm and are a perfect flower to use in a garden if you live in the right climate. Because blue flowers are used less frequently, they are perfect for people who crave the unexpected.

Orange- There is nothing bashful about an orange flower. Orange represents energy and warmth. Gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, and birds of paradise are some of the most popular orange flowers. Birds of paradise are very exotic flowers and are perfect for people who crave the unique. Gerbera daisies, lilies, and roses are beautiful in any arrangement and are used in bouquets and arrangements designated to encourage or congratulate. Orange is a happy and fiery color and when used in floral arrangements can transform a room. Orange bridal bouquets are very rare and fit in best during late summer and early fall weddings.

Purple- Traditionally, purple is considered the color of royalty, but it also represents success, pride, and elegance. Roses, hydrangeas, orchids, tulips, and violets are some of the most notable purple flowers. Purple flowers can be used in almost any situation but they are excellent when used in a congratulations bouquet. Purple is also used frequently in weddings as there are several shades to choose from. Lavender can be very romantic and you will frequently see lavender roses or violets in arrangements at weddings or in Valentine’s Day bouquets.

Pink- Pink flowers evoke emotions of love, kindness, warmth, and happiness. Roses, lilies, tulips, and mums are some of the most popular pink flowers. Pink flowers are frequently used in wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets due to the romantic coloring. They are also popular flowers to send as a congratulations or a sympathy arrangement. Pink flowers can also be a good neutral to use with bolder colors such as deep purple and red to add depth to an arrangement. Pink flowers are similar to white flowers in that they are very adaptable to any color scheme or arrangement and can be used with almost any color combination, although they are stunning in a monochromatic arrangement as well.

Yellow- Yellow is a very bright and happy color that evokes emotions of joy, celebration, and friendship. Daffodils, tulips, and chrysanthemums are all very popular yellow flowers. They are sometimes used in spring weddings and are often used in celebration arrangements. Yellow flowers are excellent accent flowers for bouquets featuring orange, red, or white flowers, however, a bouquet comprised of nothing but yellow flowers can be one the most cheerful and encouraging arrangements.

So, think about what feelings you want to evoke when giving a gift of flowers, decorating your home, or planning your wedding. You want to send the right message but above all you want to enjoy all the beautiful colors nature has so generously provided us with.



2 Responses to “What Do You Mean?”

  1. ktzefr said

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the calm, peace, and serenity of blue — jacarandas in bloom.

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