A Filler Flower? I Don’t Think So.

March 21, 2011

Carnations have an unfair reputation as being nothing more than filler flowers. (Does anyone else remember the Sex & The City episode where Charlotte calls flat out calls them “filler flowers”???) Sure, carnations are often used to fill out arrangements and bouquets but they are so much more than simple filler flowers. Carnations are used so frequently because they are incredibly versatile flowers. They can be found in every color imaginable (many times they are dyed but I prefer the natural colors myself), and are inexpensive. You shouldn’t think, however, that carnations are cheap flowers just because they are inexpensive. When arranged properly, carnations can be very elegant flowers.

The key to making carnations the centerpiece of an arrangement or bouquet without it looking “filler-flowery” is to keep it simple. Use monochromatic coloring, for example, a centerpiece of solid white carnations in a simple vase looks very modern and chic as evidenced below.

White Carnation Arrangement

For a brighter and more youthful bouquet or arrangement try using brighter colored carnations. These types of carnation arrangements are perfect for dinner parties, birthdays, and even summer or spring weddings.

Bright Carnation Arrangement

Carnations are also frequently used to create beautiful flower domes that are stunning centerpieces for any occasion whether casual or dressy.

Carnation Balls

Carnations are a great way to save money while still indulging in fresh flowers but they are anything but simply “filler-flowers”. So, next time you are looking for inexpensive but elegant fresh flower arrangement and bouquet ideas, look no further than the simple but lovely carnation.


One Response to “A Filler Flower? I Don’t Think So.”

  1. Thanks for your comment.

    Beautiful blooms, looking forward to many more.

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