What Your Favorite Flower Says About You.

March 23, 2011

pink rose

Courtesy of Sincerely Sarah Photography

Choosing a favorite flower can be instantaneous or methodical. Maybe you saw a flower and instantly fell in love with it, or maybe you went through several types of flowers before stumbling upon your favorite. Whatever way you went about it, the chances are, you have a favorite, and what your favorite flower is says a lot about who you are.

Daisy- Sunny, optimistic, and cheerful. People who love daisies are good friends who are especially gifted at cheering someone up when they are having a tough time. Typically happy and hopeful, people who love daisies are fun to be around and very energetic.

Rose- Warm, loving, and elegant. People who love roses have a strong sense of self and can be romantic. Roses are very elegant and traditional flowers and are the favorite flower of people with similar sensibilities. People who love roses are typically calm and sincere with very warm personalities.

Iris- Serene and introspective. People who love irises above all other flowers are calm and thoughtful. They are often very spiritual or mysterious people who enjoy the quiet aspect of life. People who love irises can be very wise and their speech is usually very well thought-out.

Tulip- Sweet, charitable, and bright. People who love tulips are using very sweet and thoughtful. They are always ready with a kind word or note. People who love tulips are very good friends and are usually very good listeners. They can also be cheerful, sensitive, and loving.

Lily- Elegant, quiet, and graceful. Lilies are very exquisite and beautiful flowers. People who love lilies are elegant, serene, and dignified. They can be quiet but are very rarely overlooked in a room full of people. People who love lilies command attention just as their flower counterparts do, but aren’t usually domineering.

Orchid- Unique, exotic, and mysterious. People who love orchids love the exotic and remote. They appreciate mystery and can often be found on some type of adventure. They are also calm and interesting people who can be very loyal. People who love orchids are the type of people you describe as having “a certain something.”

So, what type of flower are you? Feel free to comment on any type of flower not covered above and we can tell you what those flowers say about you.


10 Responses to “What Your Favorite Flower Says About You.”

  1. Thanks for your comment.

    Beautiful blooms, looking forward to many more.

  2. I am not sure I have any particular flower. What ever is blooming at the time works for me.

  3. Even though Susan means lily, I believe I’m more of a daisy. Thanks for making me think in a different way today!

  4. Mother of 2 and No More said

    oooh…I love orchids and I think it kind of describes me. Interesting post.

  5. helenog said

    I enjoyed reading your post 🙂 I love pink and yellow gerberas. They’re my absolute favourite flowers…I don’t know what that says about me? 🙂

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