My Best First Garden

March 25, 2011


You might wonder why I called this post “My Best First Garden” well, that’s because I had several “first” gardens but I was new to the gardening scene and so they all failed and I started over until I finally, finally, achieved the “best”.

I had prepped the soil perfectly using a mixture of manure and leaf compost, and was ready to start planting. I suppose I could have made things as easy as possible for myself by planting annuals or perennials but I didn’t. I planted daffodils (actually, a very easy flower to care for- note, I  planted these in the fall), blue forget-me-not, and daisies. I was nervous about it but I really wanted those flowers in the stunning and cheerful colors of yellow, blue, and white. I was diligent about watering and keeping bugs off using an organic home-made recipe of bug killer that had been passed down in my family for generations. I can’t share the recipe as the rumor in the family is that whoever spills the beans on the recipe will be cursed with non-flowering gardens and warts. I’m not willing to risk it. I was also a weeds worst enemy while I waited for my flowers to bloom. I have to admit, after all of the hard work I had put into my other first gardens, I wasn’t particularly hopeful for this one. All I could do was wait and think on what my next steps would be if this first garden failed. Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about it because come March I had stunning daffodils and shortly thereafter the forget-me-not and daisies bloomed too. It was a stunning sight (as least to me) and I will always remember that spring as one of my favorite gardening experiences. It truly was my best first garden.

Share your best first garden experiences!


4 Responses to “My Best First Garden”

  1. The garden in the photo is yours?

  2. When I was a kid, my neighbor gave me some flowers and I remember how much joy I had playing in the dirt 🙂 A red rose, some red tulips and pink peonies.

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