Happy Sweet Pea Month!

April 6, 2011

Sweet Pea

The April birth flower is the sweet pea. According to tradition, the sweet pea means blissful pleasure. The sweet pea is an annual climbing plant that blooms purple/pink flowers and has a very sweet fragrance. In fact, sweet pea is one of the most popular fragrances sold at Bath & Body Works.

Sweet Pea is a great plant to grow but be aware they are susceptible to pests, especially the greenfly. Pest control is essential to successfully growing sweet pea and there are many organic and non-toxic sprays that will achieve this goal. Unlike what it’s name might suggest, sweet peas are not edible. In fact, sweet peas are toxic so don’t let the name tempt you into trying to eat one.

An interesting fact about sweet peas is that they have been used extensively in the realm of genetic experimentation. Many geneticists have used sweet pea as a model for genetic testing due to it’s ability to self-pollinate and for it’s easily observed physical traits.

Happy birthday to all those readers who were born in April! Celebrate by buying and growing some sweet pea- some say it brings good luck to be surrounded by your birth flower.


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