Flowers You Can Drink- For Real!

April 7, 2011

Lavender Champagne

For centuries and in many different cultures, flowering plants have been used to make or enhance beverages. I think I probably knew this somewhere in the back of my mind (hibiscus tea is a personal favorite) but once I started looking deeper into it, I was shocked at how many flowers are in things we drink. Below are some of my favorite finds in flowers you can drink.

Carnations: Carnation petals have been used as an ingredient in Chartreuse, a French liqueur, since the 17th century. They are also often found seeped into wine. The petals of carnations have a delightfully sweet flavor but avoid the base of the flower as it is very bitter. At your next party, try sprinkling a few carnation petals in your wine to add color and a sweeter flavor.

Dandelions: You can use dandelions to make wine. They can be sweet when picked early or more bitter when allowed to mature. You can actually make dandelion wine at home (there are several recipes online) but you should make sure any dandelions you pick to make wine were never treated with insecticide.

Citrus Blossoms: Orange flower is the most common of the citrus flowers used in beverages. In Middle Eastern cultures you will find distilled orange flower water. It has a citrus flavor (of course) and can also be used in hot teas.

Lavender: Apparently, it has become quite the trend to serve champagne with a sprig of lavender in it. It adds a sweet and calming taste and smell. Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds delicious!

Rose: Rose petals can be used in tea, water, and even milk. It adds a delicious and sweet taste as well as a heavenly aroma. You can use rose for just about any drink you fancy trying it in. I’m sure it, like lavender, goes well with champagne.

Have you tried any other drinks with flower ingredients? Share your stories with us!


3 Responses to “Flowers You Can Drink- For Real!”

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  2. Chloe said

    Oh – I love the sound of champagne with a sprig of lavender in it! Also love the idea of adding carnation petals to wine for colour and flavour 😀 Next party, guess what I’m gonna try! lol xx

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