Flowers You Can Eat- For Real!

April 8, 2011

Flower Salad

Yesterday, we explored the wide world of drinkable flowers. Today we are going to fill you in on some flowers that are good to eat. You probably all ready know about many eatable flowers such as basil, arugula, chamomile, chives, dill, fennel, etc. But some flowers you may be more used to seeing in a garden than on a plate.

Gardenia: Gardenias taste sweet and can be used in breads (try a gardenia foccacia- it’s delicious!), eggs, and soups. It adds a nice flavor without overpowering the other ingredients.

Lilac: Lilacs have a lemony taste that can sometimes come off as perfumey. They are best when used in desserts such as icings, candies, and ice creams.

Pansy: Pansies can be mildly sweet or very tart depending on when they are picked. They can be used in salads, cakes, and casseroles.

Violet: Violets have a sweet nectar taste. Violets can be used in desserts, vegetable dishes, and as a dry rub on meats. Be very careful that the violets you use are sweet violets and not African violets as those are not edible.

Flowers can make delicious garnishes but don’t relegate them to nothing more than a “pretty face”. Try using them as ingredients in your meals as well. The flavors will surprise and delight you. Are there any flowers you like to use in your recipes?


2 Responses to “Flowers You Can Eat- For Real!”

  1. Nice to know about all of those edible flowers! I was reading and was reminded that the Autumn Sage flowers blooming in my yard are also edible. Think I’ll give em a try. ; )

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