What’s In A Name?

April 12, 2011

Anne Geddes

Many of my friends are expecting their first children soon. This has led to an extensive discussion regarding baby names. For my part, I’ve always loved the idea of naming children after flowers. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you. 🙂 I was thrilled to discover that many of my friends, especially those due this Spring, were also considering naming their children after flowers, so I decided to compile a list of flowers I think make for good baby names and their meanings.

Dahlia- Means “valley” and is a beautiful flower named after the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.

Daisy- Known as the “happy flower” it’s meaning is “day’s eye”.

Violet- Means “purple”. Was made famous by Shakespeare when he used “Viola” his character in “Twelfth Night”.

Rose- The meaning of rose is “rose”. Go figure. Has Christian symbolism relating to the Virgin Mary.

Lily- Means “pure” or “innocent”. Lily is one of the most popular flower names for baby girls.

Iris- Means “rainbow”. Iris is a popular figure in mythology who traveled between Mount Olympus and Earth on rainbows carrying messages.

Ivy- Represents fidelity and eternity. Ivy is the feminine form of Ivo, a saint’s name.

Rosemary- Means “dew of the sea”. Refers to the herb which is symbolic of remembrance.

Willow- References the graceful tree.

Bryony- Means “climbing plant.” References the long-lasting nature of the plant.

Fern- Means “fern”. Made famous in Charlotte’s Web.

Hazel- References the hazel tree which is symbolic of creative wisdom in Celtic mythology.

Olive- Represents the symbolic olive tree or branch of peace.

Poppy- References the flower. Represents loyalty.

You may notice that these are all girl names. It’s true that most flowers are best used as girls names but never fear, I have a good list for the boys as well.

Ash- References the ash tree and represent strength.

Basil- Means royal or kingly. Also the name of a saint.

Bailey- Means “berry clearing”. Can be used as a boy or girls name.

Alder- Refers to the alder tree. Is symbolic of giving in Celtic mythology.

Oleander- An evergreen tree. Represents grace.

Hawthorn- Refers to the tree. Symbolically means duality and balance.

Rowan- Means “little red-head”. Traditional Gaelic name.

Forrest- Means “woodsman” or “woods”. Refers to strength and longevity.

Reed- Means “red-haired”. Also refers to the plant. Can also be spelled Reid.

What are some of your favorite flower/plants to use as baby names??


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