Flower Heirlooms.

April 15, 2011

Garden at Versailles

We all know how beautiful flowers are, but did you know they can also be historic? Heirloom bulbs are stunning examples of the beauty and the history of flowers. Some bulbs can be passed down from generation to generation and as long as they are cared for, these flowers can last indefinitely.

If you aren’t someone who has been passed down bulbs it’s still possible to find and plant historic bulbs. There are many websites on the internet that specialize in finding and selling heirloom bulbs. Some of these are more reputable than others so make sure your bulbs come with authentication. You can find bulbs from just about any period in history going back all the way to the 1200’s.

Just imagine, you could be planting gladiolus from 17th century France or 18th century authentic Dutch tulips. Heirloom bulbs make it possible to literally grow history in your garden! There are many types of heirloom bulbs to buy. For Spring planting, we recommend getting gladiolus, day lilies, dahlias, and iris. For Fall planting, we recommend trying daffodils, tulips, or hyacinths. The historical period you choose is completely up to you.

Personally, I have my backyard separated into sections by time-period. For example, I might say “Won’t you stroll with me through my 17th century tulips?” or “Welcome to my 16th century daffodil corner, tea?” I love being able to have a piece of history in my backyard! What makes planting heirloom bulbs even more appealing is that they are very reasonably priced. You can’t find anything else from 1888 for less than $20.

Have you planted heirloom bulbs before?


2 Responses to “Flower Heirlooms.”

  1. Wow! The flowers in the picture are so beautiful ~~~~ 🙂

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