Birds, Butterflies and Flowers.

April 21, 2011

small pink flowers

Courtesy of Sincerely Sarah Photography

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Your garden is a natural wonder for its own beauty with flowers and plants. To add some natural wildlife and delight to the already wonderful everyday views, how about trying gardening to attract wild birds and butterflies! To promote these wonderful creatures to your garden you have to plant the right flowers. You also have to target the wildlife native to your region and choose the flowers that those birds and butterflies would gravitate towards. Wild birds will flock towards insect-rich blooms and dying seed heads of spent flowers. Gardening to attract butterflies is a little trickier with a larger variety of flowers that will attract different butterflies.

Growing the right flowers and plants in your garden can lead to the lifelong visit from migratory birds such as song-birds. Here are the a few essential tips to start your wild bird garden:

·        Use native plants to your area and bird population

·        Have your soil tested for nutrient levels and organic deficiencies

·        Have a water source for both your garden and your bird visitors

·        Layout the plan and design for your bird garden that fits with the space you have

·        Most common garden birds are:

o   Hairy woodpecker

o   Rofous hummingbird

o   Baltimore oriole

o   Caroline wren

o   Song sparrow

o   House wren

o   Anna’s hummingbid

o   Eastern towhee

o   Northern mockingbird

To start a garden to attract butterflies you should start with the following steps:

·        Find out the butterflies native to your region

·        Find a sunny location (average of 5-6 hours/day) that is sheltered from strong winds

·        Lay stones, rock or something with a flatter surface for butterflies to land on and take a break

·        Have a water source (a small one) near the plants

·        Avoid pesticide use when creating your butterfly garden

·        Most common nectar bearing plants for butterflies:

o   Asters

o   Bee balm

o   Butterfly brush

o   Butterfly plant

o   Bush cinquefolia

o   Cosmos

o   Dandelion

o   Lilac

o   Milkweed

o   Marigold

o   Ornamental thistles

o   Rabbitbrush

o   Sunflower

o   Sweet pea

o   Verbena

o   Wild rose

o   Zinnias

What can be more joyous then seeing your garden filled with butterflies and wild birds enjoying the flowers that you have planted. Create your first bird and butterfly friendly gardens today!


2 Responses to “Birds, Butterflies and Flowers.”

  1. celestial elf said

    Great Post 😀
    thought you might like my machinima film the butterfly’s tale~

    Bright Blessings
    elf ~

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