Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2011

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day (although every day is Earth day to us….) we decided to post some of our favorite facts about Earth. Well, mostly just plant and flower facts but it’s all Earth related. 🙂

* The earliest land plants, blue-green algae, appeared  1.2 billion years ago.

* Flowering plants appeared about 140 million years ago.

* Saffron comes from a type of crocus.

* The 1986 Congress voted for the rose to be America’s national flower.

* It is illegal to pick Minnesota’s state flower the pink and white lady slipper.

* The state of California grows more than half the total US grown freash cut flowers.

* If you are addicted to growing begonias, you are called a begoniac.

* The water-lily has been Egypt’s national flower for over 4000 years.

* Tulip bulbs can be used instead of onions for cooking.

* Cats love sweet smells and can often be seen sniffing flowers.

*Sunflowers can be used to soak up radiation.

* The largest flower in the world grows to over 9.6 feet

*A honeybee would have to visit over 2,000,000 flowers in order to collect enough nectar to produce 1 pound of honey.

*Broccoli is the only vegetable that is a flower.

Hope you enjoyed our Earth Day flower facts! Feel free to share your favorite flower facts in our comments section! Happy Earth Day!!!


2 Responses to “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. Great post! Very interesting facts, too!

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