Royal Wedding Bells Means Royal Flowers!

April 25, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement

With all the buzz about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding, that also means it’s time for flowers, flowers and flowers! The royal couple has decided on 3 florists to design the floral arrangements for their ceremony on April 29, 2011. After the ceremony, they are planning to leave the flowers in Westminster Abbey for visitors to see and take photos of. By leaving the flowers exactly where they will be for the ceremony, visitors, fans and tourists will be able to recreate the experience of Kate’s memorable walk down the aisle since they won’t actually be able to attend the royal ceremony. Florists are preparing arrangements with gardenias, lily of the valleys, delphiniums, roses and more, all grown locally in Britain. It will be a dramatic display of white, and the beautiful scents of these flowers will be smelled for miles around the Westminster Abbey ceremony.

One of the florists for this royal wedding, Simon Lycett, has created floral arrangements for another royal ceremony before this one- Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s wedding. For Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles’ wedding, Simon created an elegant bouquet containing flowers mostly from Queen Victoria’s garden on the Isle of Wight.

The fairytale wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles had magnificent floral arrangements as well. Princess Diana’s bouquet, designed by Longmans Ltd. of London, contained several flowers but most notably a pale yellow rose aka gold medallion rose. The gold medallion rose was referred to as the Earl of Mountbatten rose  as a sign of tribute to Lord Louis Mountbatten, Uncle of Prince Charles who was assassinated in 1979. If Prince William and Kate Middleton’s flowers are comparable to the wedding flowers of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, then we are in for quite the flower show on April 29!

This royal ceremony is not the only wedding happening this spring season. Many family members of yours or friends from college might be taking their nuptials as well during the season of weddings. What kinds of flowers are you hoping to see at the ceremonies you will be attending? Maybe you are the one getting married this spring too, what kinds of flowers will be at your ceremony? Will they be bright colorful spring colors or the royal color- purple? Whatever they are they will be beautiful and MyVirtualFlower would love to post pictures of flowers from your wedding. Send any lovely photos to to get a chance at having your floral pictures displayed on our blog!



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