Rarest Flowers in the World

April 27, 2011

Have you ever wondered which flowers were the rarest in the world? There is one flower that is so rare it only blooms once every 3,000 years thought only to exist in Buddhist stories or fairytales! Some of these rare flowers are in danger of going extinct based on environmental changes through man-made actions. Here are some of the rarest flowers in the world:

1.      Youtan Poluo- this flower was thought to not even exist but recent discovery has brought it’s legend back to life! A Chinese farmer discovered the tiny white flowers measuring only 1mm in diameter. Youtan Poluo is believed by botanical experts to bloom once every 3,000 years. Translated in Sanskrit, this flower is Udambara or Udumbara.

Youtan Flower2. Kadapul Flower- known as the legendary flower of the Celestial Nagas from the Buddhist tales. This flower is a hard one to find since it’s only known to bloom at night and it wilts before dawn. The Chinese describe this flower as someone who has an impressive but very brief moment of glory since this flower can take a year to bloom and only blooms for one single night!

Kadapul flower3.  Drosera Capensis- the native flower to the South African cape has also been called the Cape Sundew. This is a rare carnivorous species that uses it’s sticky mucilage to trap arthropods. When an insect gets trapped, the leaves will roll lengthwise using thigmotropism to move it towards the center aiding in digestion. Drosera Capensis are endangered because of the increasing temperatures in their growing areas.

Drosera CapensusIt’s unlikely that you will come across one of these rare flowers growing wild in nature, but if you do you should capture it’s beauty with pictures and send them to us at myvirtualflower.com@gmail.com


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