I Hate You Flowers

April 29, 2011


How can this beautiful flower mean, "I'm angry."???

Believe it or not, but the language of flowers covers even our negative feelings. Most people send flowers as a sign of love or friendship but you can also give flowers that mean the opposite. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why you would send someone you don’t like flowers? Well, sometimes, you have to interact with people you don’t like. And occasionally, those interaction call for gifts. Perhaps you have a mean Mother-In-Law. Or a rude boss. They still have birthdays and you are usually expected to give them gifts on those occasions. Flowers that look beautiful but satisfy your need to send a message are the perfect gift for those people. Below are a lists of lovely flowers whose meanings are anything but lovely.

Basil- Means, “I hate you.” The ancient Greeks are responsible for this as they claimed basil represented hatred. This is also present in some European folklore that uses basil as a symbol of satan.

Peony- Means “I’m angry at you.”  The meaning of this is derived from the fact that once peonies are planted, they hate to be moved and if they are moved, they punish the planter by not flowering for several years.

Snapdragon- Means “You lied to me.” This meaning dates back to the trend of concealing snapdragons in one’s overcoat to appear fascinating. Because of the concealment, snapdragons have taken on a meaning of deception.

Oleander- Means “You better watch out.” This meaning is derived from the toxic nature of oleanders. Consuming them can be fatal so you must always be cautious around them.

Some of those are pretty harsh but most people don’t know the hidden meanings of flowers so, I think you would be safe to send any of these to people you feel an obligation to get a gift for but who you don’t really care for. And if they do know what these mean, you can always claim you didn’t. I’m not advocating you send these to anyone, I just want you to know your options. 🙂


2 Responses to “I Hate You Flowers”

  1. Can you imagine sending flowers to your worst enemy? I don’t think it would go down very well.

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