Dangerous Flowers

May 6, 2011

Sweet Pea

They may be beautiful, but the following flowers are also very poisonous. Don’t be fooled by beauty alone- sometimes the most beautiful things are also the most dangerous.

Azaleas– These flowers are some of the most common to find in front lawns and back yards across the country. Azaleas aren’t poisonous to humans, dogs, or cats but, they are extremely toxic to sheep, goats, and horses.

Blood-Flower– aka Mexican Butterfly Weed, are great butterfly food but should be handled very carefully by humans as a poisonous milky sap is released when leaves or stems are broken that can cause serious injury if it comes in contact with your eye.

Calla Lily– One of the most beautiful and most painted flowers, the Calla Lily is also extremely toxic and can cause severe reactions when ingested or even handled too frequently.

Lily of the Valley– The birth flower for the month of May, the Lily of the Valley is very beautiful but every part of it is poisonous. Especially toxic are the red berries that develop and are sometimes accidently ingested causing severe abdominal pain and reduced heart rate.

Sweet Pea– Don’t let it’s fragrant smell fool you, this flower is toxic and should not be consumed by anyone.

Plant them, use them for center-pieces, give them to your friends and family, but never, ever eat the flowers in this post. Are there any others you want to add to the list? Feel free to share them in the comments section.


6 Responses to “Dangerous Flowers”

  1. Hi – this is Chloe from “Writing Days-Happy Days” with my new blog. Just to let you know I’ve subscribed to your blog now as Blossom Dreams. Please visit if you get a chance (if you haven’t already).

    Chloe xx

  2. Mimi said

    Haven’t heard this before. Will do additional research on these flowers. As a florist, this is important for me to know. Thanks

  3. Jen Uy said

    interesting read… thanks for sharing and dropping by. 🙂

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