Office Flower Ideas to Inspire

May 10, 2011

Do you sit in an office all day working wishing you were sitting in a garden filled with beautiful flowers and plants? That would be a great place to work, not only inspiring but the rich aromas from the flowers are intoxicating and can brighten anyone’s day! Studies show that people’s overall well being is improved when they add some plants to their working spaces. To add a little botanical flair to your office space start by answering these questions to choose the right plants and flowers that will thrive in work space today.

1.      Space: How much desk, floor and window (if you have one) does your office have for a plant or flower to grow?

2.      Light source: How much light is in your office? Is it from a natural source, artificial only or a combination of both?

3.      Time: How much time can you devote weekly or monthly to care for your plants? Be sure to choose a plant that you have enough time to care for as some require more maintenance than others.

4.      Budget: How much can you spend on the plant or flowers? How long do they last for the price? Some might be more expensive but may last years in an indoor space such as an office.

5.      Research: Do your research about the plants that you are interested in keeping in your office before purchasing them and be sure it best for the environment that you will be able to provide it.

Adding plants to your work space is not only good for your soul but it’s good for your health too. Plants can remove particles in the air such as carbon dioxide and also help balance humidity levels. Creating a more inspirational working space by “greening” your office is a great way to increase your mood and improve productivity.


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