Tips To Keep Your Flowers Blooming This Summer!

May 18, 2011

Summer is a great time for gardeners as everything begins to grow rapidly and flourish. Keeping your flowers blooming this summer will depend on a delicate balance of feeding, watering and weeding. Here are some critical tips to keep your flowers and garden blooming all summer long.


·        Make a plan that works for you and is safe for your plants.

·        Feeding with a slow release fertilizer will allow your flowers to get the nutrition they need, when they need it.

·        Use feeds that are high in nitrogen until midsummer and then use feeds that are high in potassium in late summer.


·        Regular watering is important to keep your garden looking fresh all summer long.

·        To save on water costs, you can collect rain water and use it to water the plants in your garden.

·        Watering your plants in the morning will allow them to absorb the water they need before the midday heat dries out the soil.

·        Avoiding nighttime watering will reduce the chances of fungus and slugs on your plants.


·        The best time to weed is just after it rains.

·        To save time down the road, try to remove the weeds before the seedheads are developed.

Are there any tips you recommend for healthy summertime flowers??


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