Flowers In Song

May 27, 2011


Flowers are not only inspiring in the visual space to artists, photographer and painters- they also inspire writers including poets and songwriters. Here are some Billboard chart hit songs about and inspired by the beauty of flowers:

·        Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations

o   A lot of songs mention roses or other common flowers. This song is one the few that mentions buttercups. There yellow flowers stem from the poppy family and typically bloom in the spring months- April and May. The song isn’t exactly about a buttercup flower but still has the tone and lighthearted feeling this flower brings with its vibrant yellow color and soft petals.

·        Kiss from a Rose by Seal

o   Here’s our first song about the flower rose. This song has won multiple awards including a Grammy for record of the year and song of the year. It’s not necessarily about a flower but has some unique lines about a rose such as: “I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.”

·        The Rose by Bette Midler

o   This is another award winning song about the flower rose. It debuted in a movie called The Rose which featured Bette Midler. The main character, who is based on the rock legend Janis Joplin, was called The Rose.

o   Here’s a tidbit of the amazing award winning lyrics that truly give credit the inspiring flower: “Some say love it is a river that drowns the tender reed. Some say love it is a razer that leaves your soul to blead. Some say love it is a hunger an endless aching need I say love it is a flower and you it’s only seed. “


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