Designer Flowers. Who Knew?

June 1, 2011

Vera Wang Calla Lilies

As a flower lover and frequent flower purchaser, I was very surprised to find that designer Ver Wang has teamed up with and designed her own collection of bouquets and arrangements. I’m not surprised that Vera Wang (who has the marriage market cornered) would do this. I was surprised that I didn’t know about it.

Her floral collection is spilt into three categories, Vera’s Favorites, Vera’s Roses, and Vera’s Fashion Bouquets. The collection isn’t extensive but it is very lovely. Classic, streamlined, and elegant. The only disappointment were the roses, as they were pretty typical arrangements, there just wasn’t anything stellar or unique about them, beautiful, but ordinary. The Vera’s Favorites, however, were stunning. Elegant and modern, any one of them would impress your guests at any event. I particularly liked the lack the filler (greens, babies breath, etc.). I love a bouquet or arrangement that is solid flower with little filler. It just seems so modern and luxurious.

Check out Vera’s full floral collection here.

What do you think of her floral collection???


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