Roses and June Birthdays

June 8, 2011

pink rose

The Rose is the birth flower for the month of June. Roses come in many different shades and colors and almost all of them have completely different meanings. So how is someone with a June birthday to know what their birth flower means? With a birth flower that has a 100 different looks and meanings, the possibilities are vast. In order to help all you June birthdays sort through all the options, we thought we would give you a quick guide to the meanings of different roses.

 Rose Color Meanings

Red: Love and devotion.

Pink: Grace and affection.

White: Innocence and purity.

Yellow: Friendship. It can also mean “I’m sorry”.

Orange: Passion and excitement.

Blue: Mystery.

Green: Calm and serenity.

Black: Obsession. Although, if you receive a true black rose, it was probably dyed that color.

Purple: Dignity. Tenderness.

Petal Count Meanings

Most roses have five petals and in Christianity these are representative of martyrs blood and the Virgin Mary. There is one species, however, that only have four petals. The Rosa sericea, which only has four petals is associated with uniqueness and when given as a gift displays the givers devotion to the recipient.

Rose Type Meanings

Hybrid Tea Rose: The most popular type of rose, this is the rose that best represents love and devotion.

Gallic Rose: This rose doesn’t look like what most people consider a rose. It’s unique petal shape sets it apart from other roses and it is associated with hidden love or shy sweetness. It is also known as the apothecary’s rose.

Damask Rose: This is the rose most commonly used in perfumes. It’s meaning is one of sweetness and desire.

Musk Rose: This rose is shrouded in mystery and is thought to have originated in the Himalayas. It’s meaning is one of deepest affection and longing.


I hope all you June birthdays out there enjoyed this post! Happy Birthday!



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