Flowers That Stain

June 21, 2011



Flowers delight us with their perfume and beauty, but some can be a bit messy to handle. They may stain your clothes, skin, or carpet and should be avoided or handled very carefully for events.

Hibiscus: It makes a delicious tea and is a beautiful flower to look at but the pollen at the end of the stamen will stain your hands and clothes. These flowers are particularly popular in tropical themed weddings and receptions. Unfortunately, they can leave a nasty mark on bridal dresses. Make sure any hibiscus used has the pollen cut off and double check your venues rules on flowers- some venues don’t allow certain flowers to be used because of staining.

Daylilies: These have the same problem as hibiscus, their pollen will not only stain your clothes, they will stain your skin. Always handle daylily pollen with gloves and make sure the pollen is removed before using them in arrangements or bouquets of any kind.

Rose Petals: Roses won’t typically stain clothes or skin but when the petals are used on tablecloths, carpet, or wedding runners, they will often leave stains behind due to people pressing or stepping on them. Many wedding venues require you to bring a runner if you plan on using rose petals in your ceremony because they will stain the carpet. I’ve even witnessed a venue charging a bride and groom a “carpet cleaning fee” after the wedding because of rose petal staining.

Are there any other flowers that stain I missed?


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