Power to the Perennials!

July 6, 2011

Perennial flowers aka Prunella vulgaris have taken on another common name due to their special powers. Throughout the US and Canada these flowers are referred to as heal-all or self-heal flowers. They have been studied, tested and observed by alternative medicine practitioners and western medicine doctors for their healing power potentials. There are a few perennials that are well known and used in different herbal supplements or consumed in their natural state for their medicinal healing.
Here are 2 of the well-known perennials flowers with a ton of power to heal!

Aloe Vera– this perennial flower contains enzymes and chemicals beneficial to our bodies health. Aloe gel is not only used as a moisturizer but it is also an anti-inflammatory, a cleanser, a bactericidal, a local anesthetic, and can reduce burning or itching on the skin. Drinking aloe is a great way to get lots of nutrients naturally. Oral consumption of aloe juice can help the body detox, promote healthy digestion and stimulate immune support. It can also help regulate weight, increase energy, provide the body with amino acids and help with overall dental health.
Lavender- this hard perennial flower is not only beautiful and often grown for it’s intoxicating smell, it also has the power to heal! Lavender  have been harvested for its essential oil healing potential for years. It is mostly produced in England, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Tasmania, New Zealand and Australia. Lavender oils are used as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anit-inflammatory. They are also used to treat muscle soreness, cramps and pain- they are commonly used as pain relievers for a variety of symptoms. Lavender fragrance oils are often found in items such as bubble bath, candles and more as a stress reliever because of it’s regulating effect on the nervous system balancing our bodies naturally. It can also help with insomnia.
What are your favorite plants with the power to heal?

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