Coolest Botanical Gardens– According To The MyVirtualFlower Girls

July 12, 2011

Botanical Garden
Botanical gardens are a natural wonder in themselves. There are many around the world that promote the education of plants, flowers and gardening. Groups are centered around these gardens to promote healthy gardening for the environment, educational gardening programs and community around the the techniques and passion for plants and flowers. There are a few botanical gardens that we felt deserved to be named “the coolest” botanical gardens from around the world. Here are the picks from the
MyVirtualFlower girls:
Normandy, France
One of the most popular gardens in the world, the Claude Monet has been studied more than any other botanical garden in the world. The famous Monet water lilies can be found here. The Nympheas-filled pond are a sight that cannot be described but only painted or photographed it’s so marvelous. Artists come here to be inspired and motivated by the beauty. Giverny is where Monet lived for years up until he died in 1926.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn, New York
This amazing garden was one of only a few in the world whom hosted the claim to fame with the stinkiest flower in existence- the Corpse Flower. We blogged about this flower back in May – you can read more about the decaying scent here. The Brooklyn Botanical also has an amazing event called the Cherry Esplanade. What seems like endless rows of cherry trees cover the grounds and looking up all you is a rapture of pink each spring.
Reid’s Palace
In 1891, William Reid established these beautiful and breathtaking gardens of the Atlantic. A hotel for guests to stay sits atop a cliff overlooking the Bay of Funchal and the Atlantic ocean. The hotel is surrounded by 10 acres of semitropical jardims. Nothing can really describe the beauty of these gardens, check out the pictures at Reid’s Palace’s website- breathtaking.
Quebec, Canada
Over 185 acres are utilized in this garden with over 160,000 preserved live specimens. Many come from around the world to see the crowd pleasing monarch butterfly at the Jardin Botanique. This garden also houses The Dream Lake Garden. The Dream Lake Garden took 48 Chinese craftspeople six months to build this Ming-era like attraction. It is the largest garden of it’s type outside of Asia.

2 Responses to “Coolest Botanical Gardens– According To The MyVirtualFlower Girls”

  1. Chicago one did not make the list 😦

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