Why I Love Daffodils!

July 19, 2011


Daffodils are one of the most recognized and happiest looking flowers in the world. They are part of the Narcissus family of flowers and originated in Western Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Daffodils are most commonly found in shades of yellow, gold, orange, pink, or even white.

You may be surprised to know that such a bright and happy looking flower is very poisonous to humans and even to other flowers. If you put daffodils in a vase with other flowers they will poison the other flowers in the vase. A way to avoid this is to let the daffodils sit in water alone in a vase for a day or two before adding them to a vase with other flowers. In people, daffodils can cause skin irritations known as “daffodil itch”.

Despite being poisonous, daffodils are still adored for being beautiful and have even been hailed for being able to help with symptoms with Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders when treated and handled properly. The bulbs contains contain
galanthine, which is being used more frequently in medical communities as a treatment for certain neurological disorders.

In Australia, the daffodil is the awareness symbol for cancer. Ever year, Australians recognize Daffodil Day in order to raise cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research.

The daffodil is an stunningly beautiful and complex flower with both healing and hurting properties and it’s one of our favorite flowers here at virtualflower.

Do you have a favorite flower?


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