Tulip Mania!

August 1, 2011

Tulip fields

Did you know that one of the first economic bubbles ever recored was related to flowers? It was referred to as “Tulip Mania” or “Tulipomania” and it had it’s peak in 1637. In the 1600s The Netherlands began actively growing and cultivating tulips and the tulips introduction to Europe caused quite a frenzy. At Tulip Manias peak, tulip bulbs would sell for 3,000-4,000 florins depending on the bulb size. To give you a comparison, the average skilled craftsmen earned 300 florins per year. As a result, many Dutch people raced to become a part of the tulip industry. This flower driven economic upswing occurred during the Dutch Golden Age and was a large part that country’s notoriety at that time. Owning tulips became a status symbol and the most sought after tulips were multi-colored, although the solid colored tulips also sold at high prices. For the nobility in Europe, having a vase of tulips was the ultimate symbol of wealth.

Today, tulips don’t fetch as high a price, but they are still widely popular. In fact, 2 billion tulips are imported to the United States from The Netherlands every year. The Netherlands are famous for tulips and thousands of people travel there every year to see and photograph fields of them. Although tulips aren’t the economic boom  they once were, they are still a very successful and profitable industry, and of course are lovely at any occasion.


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