Good Morning Glory!

September 27, 2011

Morning Glory

Morning Glories are the birth flower for the month of September and so we thought they would be the perfect flower to spotlight this week!

I think we can all guess where the name “Morning Glory” came from. Most species of Morning Glory bloom their brightest and best in the early hours of the day, but, if you can believe it, there is actually one type of Morning Glory that blooms at night and they are commonly referred to as “Moonflowers”. Morning Glories are very adaptive plants and are cultivated in both cold and warmer climates, although they are considered annuals in cold climates, and perennials in warmer climates.

Morning Glories have a long history of use. In Ancient Mesoamerica, the Morning Glory was used to make rubber balls, in China, Morning Glories were used medicinally as a laxative, in Japan they were cultivated for their beauty, and in Aztec civilizations, they were used as hallucinogens. Today, Morning Glories are primarily used for their beauty and the color they add to our gardens. The most popular varieties are  “heavenly blue” and “sunspot”  and you will see these in just about every garden you pass.

Happy Birthday to all you born in September!! Every time you see a Morning Glory remember it’s in honor of your birth month.


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